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October 25, 2005


Alexander M. Cooper III

I imagine that if you were to scrutinize other facets of human nature you would find equal amounts of emptiness.

I wouldn't want to live in a world without judgment - how boring. Judgment sparks opinions. Opinions lead to disagreement. Disagreement is a prelude to struggle.

It's never about the reasons - it's about the fight, the experience.

I realize that my existence has no real impact on the greater world. It's no matter anyway - our universe is really just a molecule of fungus growing under a Larvak's toenail.

Stop this introspective exploration - nothing to see here.


I disagree with Alexander on two points:
1) I've often thought if I could rewrite the list of 7 deadly sins, I'd put judgement at the top (or maybe second, right after pride - since they're related after all).
2) Self-introspection, while sometimes damaging, is primarily healthy and necessary for growth. Without it, we'd alll still be acting & thinkling like teenagers.

Alexander M. Cooper III

We're not still acting and thinking like teenagers? Pick up a newspaper every once in a while! Who doesn't like to fuck and break stuff?


Vainglory would have to top my list of seven deadly sins.

But as far as judgement goes, none of us can say that we don't judge in some way. We do our best not to judge others, but sometimes we falter and end up judging even though we never meant to. If it invades your every day life and you choose to judge all of those that you surround yourself with then that is a problem for you. You will miss out on more than you will ever know exists.

If you want to think about the woman in the front pew then head to the Bible, look at Matthew 7:2. Not sure about anyone else, but go ahead and judge me by the standards that I judge others, I can deal with that. Will she and those like her say the same thing?

Acting like teenagers? Does that mean to say that the minority of society that we see reported about in those "unbiased recorders of news" represent our society as a whole? They report about socially hot topics meant to sell papers, news? Shock and dismay is what they push to sell those papers, not fact.

Introspection leads us to broaden our horizons and see life more clearly, so I guess there is something to see after all.


Holy cow, I must have been drinking or something to even bring up the Bible much less cite it. Ah well, atleast I will have a lot of company if the lady in the front pew is right.

dugh daren

I personally don't see anything wrong with judgement. In an existence where we *can't* know everything we have to make the best guesses we can. It is when we are absolutely certain our judgements are correct, when we those judgements of ourselves and others do not take into consideration that we just might be wrong, that Bad Things happen.

It's the *expectation* that our judgements are always right that I find a failing in people. If someone expects me to be something I am not, whose fault is that? Theirs. Yet who will burden the blame of failed expectations? Me.

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