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June 08, 2007




I just finished reading some of your blog and you seem like a really interesting person. Are you still in Columbus? I had a close friend that worked in Columbus and lived in Pickerington. Anyway, I find your bloggy stuff fascinating. You appear to be articulate, educated and creative.


Hi Leigh,

I've long been a fan of your Advergirl blog (I'm a creative in the business, and it's up on my Bookmarks Bar...). And now I've discovered this one. I like your style: it's very readable with great observations and insight.

I'm tempted to do the same myself. Must be cathartic. Keep up the good work.

Richard x


Love your about me section. I know how daunting it is to fit your entire life into the little box labeled "About Me". Would love some advice on the blog world and how to improve mine if you ever have any time to share.
And ps..your 30-something age is far from old...you seem more active and adventurous than those in their twenties.
Nicely done...


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