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I would also suggest Westgate. Especially if you are going to throw Franklinton in the mix.


Leigh, I suggest Ann Arbor.

you cracked me up w/that comment about giving them directions to schmidt's!

my only qualm with the poll is my answers would be different if they were renting as opposed to buying.

Renting: Grandview
Buying: Merion Village

Interesting post! Can't wait to look back in a couple days to see if the results have changed at all!

Heh. I recall giving Schmidt's directions at least once a month back during my time in GV. ;) I always got thrown for a loop when someone occasionally was asking how to get to Lindey's or Max & Erma's. ;)

My vote was for VV/SN/IV if they want to be close to campus and have an urban living arrangement. Clintonville would be a very close second, as it's just a little further from campus and slightly less "urban".

I do appreciate adding KLD to the list (just for me! yay!), but I think it might be outside of what they're considering as close to campus, even though it's about a 10 minute drive. And I really don't know enough about the available rental stock in this neighborhood to even recommend it as something worth considering for the short term.

This is a pretty complex question though, and I agree with mycolumbusohioblog that it could vary quite a bit on if they're looking to rent or buy. I'm assuming rent as the guy wasn't even sure what school he was looking to attend.

There's an interesting discussion that's been going on at CU the last few days about Which Neighborhoods are Best for Real Estate Appreciation which throws a completely different set of factors and considerations into the mix when it comes to picking a place to live in Columbus.

Either way, it makes for a very strange question to ask a stranger on the street. But it sounds like they picked a good stranger to ask. ;)

Victorian Village! And it's by gooddale park, so great!

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