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Walker Evans is a phenomenal individual. great designer, entrepreneur, father, networker and friend.

Did it seem like I was suggesting otherwise? I think he's great, too. Just being playful because he comes up in every conversation I have about Columbus. Seriously, I think his name is mentioned more than even the word "Columbus."

Ha! Thank you for the wonderful post. Really cracked me up. ;)

@leigh. no no! I just wanted to jump on the walker love train. A hearty "here, here" to you.


Thanks for this... I had no idea my blog was something you can't stop reading. I'm so sorry!

: )

And I'm so happy to have discovered this other blog of yours Leigh!

I love the new blog already. This post reminded me to add "improve WEE Factor" to my list of resolutions.

Here's to the N.O.B.

Good stuff LH. Who knew a 9 am Monday meeting fresh from New Year's break would check a few of these off for me?

Leigh - did you catch Cleve's Blog today? :)

We all love your new snobbery :)

Hilarious. This may be the best blog post ever. I would add to your checklist: I've namedropped Walker in meetings. I've heard that's done a lot. ;)

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