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    April 09, 2009



    I'm always amazed how little things people do can make a huge difference. This Pledge to End Hunger site is a good example of "the power of small." But doesn't it include Alaska or Hawaii?


    Thanks for sharing. Your comment that at it's best, a brand sets an expectation of an experience is about as succinct as you can put it. This campaign turns over the keys to conveying that experience to the students and the campus community. But obviously there is a higher presence directing the experience, in terms of design and moderator, etc. It's as if the brand (college) throws out a subject to a huge improv class and asks them to riff on it. The whole dynamic of Cummunity = Brand works with entities like private colleges and movements. But it obviously didn't work initially with a packaged good such as Skittles. It will be interesting to see how far this dynamic can apply in other categories.
    I also wonder how well something like this would work at Ohio State (large, diverse, almost unwieldly, public instiution). Thanks again, Leigh.


    This is a great site and a brilliant idea. Its almost like a Twitter but instead of what are doing? Its what will you do? And, like Twitter, you have to answer that question in limited words. It really appeals to the emtional cord we are always trying to strike in people. If I wasn't about to graduate from a great college [Go Jayhawks! =)] This site would totally get me to look into Capital University. Can you image if companies started using this idea and striking that emotional cord with its consumers!

    Dirk Singer

    Think Will You is a great site Leigh, and a lesson to organisations to make their homes on the web both interactive and speak from 1st person (ie let the faces behind the thing do the talking)

    I've thought more and more recently about why organisations still do the one way old style sites, and if I may I am going to borrow this in a report / slideshare presentation I'm going to do when I next have time!

    Cheryl Harrison

    Good post, Leigh, love this campaign.

    My perspective on the "WillYou" campaign, as a Capital Student/marketing maven wanna-be, is on my blog: http://beingcheryl.com/2009/03/30/capitaluniversityiwillcampaign/

    Shane Haggerty


    I saw the "Will You" campaign on Facebook and was instantly intrigued since I work for an educational institution and now seeing the website and all of the elements I absolutely love it! I am very jealous of it, actually! This is something very similar to what I would love to develop for our recruiting season for our high school sophomores as they are accepted, but alas, I am always two steps behind! Nice work! The video is excellent as well. Guess that's why you agency peeps are making all the money! ;)

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