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    March 16, 2009


    Viagra Online

    Hello people
    Most of the time, it just misses. More noise in a crowded landscape. But sometimes, it's just off putting. Especially when it comes from brands that should know better
    John B. Barnhart


    until women are as respected and represented as men in the industry this will be an ongoing battle???

    From which country are you? Men and women are treated equal nowadays...there are even times that women are treated better than men!


    This is an interesting way to present birthcontrol. I think it´s a pretty interesting presentation.


    callie lipkin

    amen sister - until women are as respected and represented as men in the industry this will be an ongoing battle. there are so many opportunities to speak to women in language they might actually respond to - and as more women are given the reigns in creative, more women will be won over, more women will move up the ranks in creative departments - everyone wins. men and women just see things differently, and thats a good thing.

    Sue Blaney

    why is connecting in a true way so hard......


    I couldn't agree more. Assuming that women live to diet is just sad. Don't the characters remind you of Cathy comics?

    Yoplait did a pretty good job of nodding to the women's diet obsession without feeding the flame too much.

    Great post.

    Jenn Totten

    I hear you, some of the gags are pretty old. But we talk a lot at creativeskirts about brands being afraid to use humor with women, and I have to applaud Lays for trying. And I actually find the characters pretty endearing. At least they have a little self-deprecation going on, right?

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