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    December 15, 2008


    Jeff Bennett

    Excellent post. I agree with all of it. Need to focus on an category or passion and stick to it. It is amazing with this focus how much you can accomplish on link development, seo and audience. Thanks for good insight for all from a great blogger!

    Jeff Bennett

    Kristin Marks

    This is GREAT stuff. You are always so right on. :)

    Irene Alvarez

    Sing it! Great post and a helpful guide for those getting started.

    I'm intrigued by 20-somethings swearing "podcasting is fun." Podcasts don't strike me as "cud" - they're tough to scan through and demand a bit more time and effort to digest. Particularly when you're taking in content meant to educate.

    Or is that just me? Because that said, I also know lovers of the podcast.

    So many options, so many preferences, so little time...

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