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    December 07, 2008



    What sort of information can you see about your members when you have a group? My profile is set to only be viewed by friends. If I join a group, does that give the group access to view my profile?


    Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

    Dr. WRight

    This is actually very helpful! A lot of people are charging big bucks ( or make you take a long boring teleseminar) just to tell you this!

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

    daniel kremsa

    great article. However there is one more type of a page that facebook supports 'Application' It shares the best of both worlds:
    * pages are indexed on Google.
    * Allows you to connect with an unlimited number of fans
    * You can send messages to all your fans that can appear in email, notifications, or invites. This is the biggest benefit of going with Apps
    * You have freedom to show any content (within legal limits) and even make money from those pages (and facebook is 100% ok with it as you can read in their terms)
    * activities are picked up in the feeds

    We build facebook applications as well as help people with marketing so if you have any questions feel free to contact me through bykd.com contact form.


    Have you worked with branded events for things that are not really traditional events? Is this a new trend? Or did I just not get invited the first time around? Because that's a very real possibility.


    David Griner

    Worth noting too that Pages have built-in metrics (Facebook Insights) so you can monitor your activity, fan growth, etc.


    Agree with others here. I had a vague idea of when to use each - but definitely didn't know all these details. And now think even my vague idea was incorrect.

    Jess Krywosa

    Excellent and timely advice!

    Julian Perrera

    good stuff. still trying to get my head around facebook. I have my own personal account but am getting a better handle on how to use it for future film projects.


    Mary Beth

    This is great information. Was recently looking for an opinion on pages, because a client was thinking about going the facebook route for an upcoming product launch! Thanks!

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