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    February 01, 2008



    It's always jarring to read things like the statistics you gave about women's apprehension towards salary negotiation, and realize that you relate to it. And then realize that you are a man relating to the women's apprehension. While it may seem the struggle is between two or so teams, the confident men, the apprehensive women and the not so apprehensive women(the 25%), the reality is that there are those small few who fall behind these teams--the smaller underdog lost behind the dominant underling of women, who don't belong to any group. Where're our statistics and campaigns?


    I negotiate. I bring up my salary. I add extra to what I want when asking for it so that if they cut it a little, I get the salary I really wanted. When hired in teams I ask and get exactly what my male partner gets and always have. I've always done this. I still make much less than other people on the same level. What am I doing wrong?


    great post! I like your constuctive approach and great advice. I hear so often here in denmark women just complaining they earn less than men but they don't take any action. You never get og achieve anything without doing something. Thanka for a clever and rationslly thinking female voice.


    Good advice. Every single time I've received a raise or a promotion in my professional career, it's been because I've asked - and then backed up my request with a documented list of reasons and accomplishments. Sometimes, when funds are tight, it can take a year of patient, persistent lobbying - but the reward comes through eventually.


    I am so in the dentist camp -- ugh. I'm adding this to my googlemarks to shore me up before next negotiations! (I freelance so it comes up way too much for my comfort!)


    Great words of wisdom! I've learned the hard way as well, no one is going to tell you what your worth is - you have to show it and sometimes demand it.


    Such a valuable post - Thank you sharing. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I had to learn that the hard way. :)

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