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    July 15, 2007



    How are they driving kids towards the site? Why would a high schooler just choose to check out JCP.com?

    Tim Nolan

    I have worked on this "type" of campaign many times over the last few years. Episodic content loosely geared towards a target demo. When building this site in particular, the focus was alway on the C7P angle. The consumer voice is translated through the Class of 08 section, and through the original "styles" that the students adhere to prior to being "flipped".

    Overall, I think it is a decent step forward for Saatchi & JCP.


    JCPenny's efforts to continue to shift the brand persona is laudable to be sure. I have to agree that a push into the teen/pre-teen segments is a tough move, even with the solid surface creative. If WalMart and Target are the major competitors for this sector, then JCP likely is a bit edgier if they can get the kids into the stores. I'd like to see how the in-store experience matches this new edgy persona as well.

    Yep, feels a little bit 1.0 in a 2.0 world.

    Susan Gunelius

    It seems like so many companies are implementing ad campaigns like JCPenney's. I'd love to see some statistics telling how well they really work. I have to agree that just putting the site out there isn't enough. I'd like to see these types of marketing efforts be more distinctive. I have to agree that something that would add the consumer voice would make a big difference and certainly make the content more appealing and compelling.

    Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.

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