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    June 15, 2007


    These spots are awful

    I have to disagree – These spots are terrible. For a chain touting freshness, they've arrived late to a now stale approach.

    Keith Gregory

    This commercial is definitely one that grabbed my attention.

    Don't laugh, but I only now figured out why the guy on red pig tails on- not sure what that says.

    But watching this again, there is an element of existentialism at play here- I mean, why are they kicking tree trunks in the middle of nowhere.

    Mark Vane

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    Just an observation... but the only channel I have seen this commercial run on is BET....

    take it for what it is...



    Welcome back to blogging. I missed you

    Jac Madsen

    This is my current favorite on Tv. And when I say favorite, I mean that I will rewind off of my favorite shows to watch this spot twice.

    And I tell you this not because I can consume a double bacon classic in 3 bites...


    Honest question: Is there really a "Crispin style" for ads?

    David Griner

    Leigh, you know I'm a fan, but...

    You somewhat argue my own point for me. Both BK and McDonalds (and I love the Filet ah'Fish spot, for the record) have gone for the surreal and quizzical with their spots. That left Wendy's new campaign feeling pretty bandwagon.

    A key reason this spot annoys me is because I actually LIKE Wendy's. It doesn't take much to show their quality is considerably higher than McDonald's. In my opinion, BK can't really make that quality argument as easily, so they went for the weird. What's Wendy's excuse?

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