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    June 10, 2007



    awesome article. AEs: This is your real job description

    Post Resume

    Thanks, I really appreciate your willingness to help out. I will definitely keep you posted!

    Diane Court

    This post is two years old and timelessly as good as new. One of the best I've read, delightful in tone & True to the spirit of our purpose. And it's as right for other business/creative consultants as it is for an agency AE. (Oh,yes, when we forget these rules, our clients remember.)

    Keith Tintle

    I'm with Todd. This is great stuff - we all think it - but seldom say it.

    DC Ad Girl

    This is such an excellent post - I am forwarding this to my entire agency and putting up on my del.icio.us.

    Thanks for this..

    Stacey Mahoney

    Do you mind if I share this with our team? I think you have invaluable ideas that I would love to share with my team.

    Let me know!

    Chris Gavazzoni

    wow. well done. couldnt have said it better myself. great post. i mean so many of these are just perfect. i love so many of them i dont even know were to begin.

    Sudo Nonimus

    I am a freelance 3D artist. As such I occasionally function similar to a fire extinguisher - hoping to save a project about to do down in flames, which comes to mean sleepless nights and liters of coffee.
    An account executive who hands in a wrong project description is no help when the time budget is so tight. When I have completed a wrong project due to incorrect instructions, being the lowest on pecking order as the outsider, the blame is shifted on me.

    So I'll add another item to your list:

    11 - Learn enough to be at least conversant about the technical/artistic aspects of the job. When in doubt, consult your art director before outlining the job description to be farmed out to a freelancer. Please.


    Right on! I forwarded this to our agency brass...


    Rule #1 is so true. Being helpful can mean saying yes or saying no.


    WE have an Account SUPERVISOR unclear on concept numero uno on you list.

    She also has a fantastic ass.



    Love. It.

    I'll be posting something on this in the next day. Everyone in advertising should read this.

    Andy Didyk

    Wow. This is really a fantastic post. Project teams can often swell to a dozen or more people, and it's refreshing to see you assigning the ultimate responsibility for client happiness as well as "on time on budget" to the AE. As a fellow AE who takes the strategic, aesthetic, and logistical elements of a project as seriously as the client relationship, I greatly appreciate your perspective. This should be required reading for all new AEs who just want to "make a sale".

    Valeria Maltoni

    I just wrote a whole post on the problem with feedback and how we rarely know how to give it, and seldom learn how to take it. Your number 5 is very important.

    I would say the next point of value for an agency (I've been on the client side) is number 10: always have a next idea. Alas, since I am very curious and passionate about marketing, I have been the one leading the conversation on what's next.

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