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    July 11, 2006



    very interesting, but I don't agree with you


    Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!


    You must have just worked on the HP Personal Again campaign! Was there no one dialed in from Germany or Japan to tell you it won't work there either?

    My only criticism is that you forgot to include the now obligatory PR Flak who wants to put out an optimized press release! Richard Edelman is gonna set you in the penalty box.

    Stan Lee

    There's something for everyone in this piece so I've posted it on markt'd.com - Love your work. Stan x

    Stan Lee

    I think I used to work at this agency. Actually I think every agency I've ever worked at is this agency. The bland leading the bland.


    Wow... I know this is late, but it is fucking brilliant. Just posted on AdScam about it. Will link your site tomorrow.

    deborah schultz

    Perfect - I have been in all of those roles at one time or another..sigh. Amazing isn;t it.

    Douglas Walker

    Well done, I have been that frazzled account person before and I fully expect to be again... sigh.


    Your post made me snort all my bitter, corporate rage out of my nose. (Thank goodness I wasn't drinking Coke.)

    I love your site!


    Mr. Middlebrow

    This is genius.

    I [heart] Advergirl.

    B.L. Ochman

    This is too funny!
    Thanks for a great morning giggle.
    Rock on!


    This is beautiful.


    LOL! This is brilliant. I am copywriter, currently working on a huge national campaign. Excepting the fact that the scathing new recruit doesn't have long hair (I have very short, very curly hair) and knows a fair bit (I do) this is straight out of my office.

    Paul McEnany

    Dude, that programmer's a real dick.

    How could anonymous manager possibly know anything about the internets? That just not fair.

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