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    July 27, 2006



    I'd be interested n Advergirl's thoughts on this one: The Agency Model Is Dead.



    yeah, brilliant indeed, - i rooted for pong of course. - i dig reading yr posts. ciao.

    Mr. Middlebrow

    Delightful? Yes.

    Best "My life, my card" TV. Maybe.

    Best Amex TV ever? Maybe not.

    That honor, IMO, belongs to The Scorcese 1-hour photo spot from the "Official Card of" campaign.


    The biggest difference for me--and I'm a creative--is the strategy. Even though there are some really cool and amusing executions in this campaign (Wes Anderson, Kate Winslet, Andy Roddick), at the end of the day, it's just a celebrity endorsement. The viewer is supposed to associate the appeal of the celeb with the brand.

    The Official Card campaign, OTOH, took the celeb involvment beyond simple association to actual use of the product. And that made it much more relevant. Instead of saying Amex is Scorcese's card and leave it at that, those spots show _why_ Amex is Scorcese's (or Agassi's or whoever's) card and provides a context consumers can actually relate to.

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