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    July 27, 2006



    in boston it's the same.
    pretty comical this whole advertising thing...
    lh - cool site and great writing. hand in the a/e name tag and pull up your copywriting sleeves.


    Please feel free to commit suicide.

    Dustin Spicuzza

    Meeting napping -- I can totally identify there! Especially with how hard it is to get fired from some places..


    my clients all work very hard...there is not a clock watcher on my client list.

    Well over 80% resubscribe each year nad most expand their subscription. Why? They enjoy working with like minded people. I laughed a little when I read this post and I winced when I read some of the comments. No I have never worked with any of the miscreants mentioned. In my life, only in a bad movie are these weirdos found and I walk out if in the theatre or stop the dvd if at home. I have zero tolerance for less han 100%. 99.9% of all brands expect the moon and get it. The recent adsthatsuck.com, adrants.com "food fight" virals are way over the top to make any sense to me. Marketing people ask for referrals all thetime for creative and media buying agency contacts. Who do you suppose gets the call? The one that answers there phone at 5:40PM... orthe one with the voice mail that that is four days old? I agree with Ann H 100% if you encounter a negative person, one hat celebrates wird off topic conversation... stop them cold.."wait a minute, hold that thought, gotta go! seeya!" and over your shoulder, "nice talking with you". do this enough and even a donk will get the coded message. Do not bother me, I'm working.
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    you go girl!

    Ann Handley

    "Chit Chat: Oh no, you don’t stop..."

    This person is in every agency...every office...every store. She's EVERYWHERE....period! Run, do not walk....


    how about "guy who talks in detail about his bowel movement". He's in every agency i'm sure.


    LOl! I've met all of these guys! :D

    Mack Collier

    "Weeeeeeee, work is so darn fun when you’re not doing it!"


    Steve Hall

    I've worked with every single one of these people:-)

    dr. octagon

    How dare you sir. Some people suffer from Voice Immodulation Disorder.

    Where's My Jetpack?

    Wait - you forgot, "Person Adept At Finding Everyone Else's Flaws Who Thinks They're Saving The Agency with Their Diehard Work Ethic."


    *moahahaha* I used to work with one of those bullhorns, we treasured his random collection of wordstrings that happened at least once in every meeting. I wish I still had that little notebook, hours of entertainment.


    Stop spying on our office......

    7 of 10 are here every day....

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