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    June 29, 2006



    CP+B want reactions like yours. They use the same strategy with the VW Fast "macho ads". They want word of mouth and you (and i by the way) are providing it.


    Rob... It's either coincidence, or I'm an alcoholic. Being a Brit doesn't help. Loved that bit about the British fans averaging 17 pints a day in Germany. See my comments on AdScam.

    Rob Mortimer


    (How good was that, I used one beer slogan to crit another...)

    The first one isnt bad, but 2 and 3 are poor. The idea isnt exactly great either.

    Oh and George, i'm sure every other time I see your name its related to drinking/advertising beer of some kind!!


    Remember what Jay Chiat once said... "I want to see how big we can get before we get bad." Hey CP+B... It's happening already!
    ManLaw #1 Stop drinking colored water and start drinking beer!

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