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    May 30, 2006



    That's an amazing approach. I've never heard of anyone using a "dropped wallet" trick (as per Ken's comment)...

    I think this is hysterical and I can't see how this WOULDN'T become extremely popular.

    I wonder though if they could get more viral/WOM coverage/legs out of something like this by adding an online component...something where people could visit a site, participate, talk about where they found the wallets, etc.

    Maybe each wallet has something slightly different in it, almost like puzzle pieces that have to be fit together online for a collective/community prize (or just pride). Pit city vs. city to see which city cracks the "lost wallet" case first.

    Very slick.

    Ken Sitz

    Hi - I really enjoy reading advergirl - lots of fun stuff to brighten my day. I thought you might be interested in this classic use of the "dropped wallet" trick as used for religious outreach (aka marketing) to circulate a Bible tract.


    Best - Ken

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